Saturday, 6 June 2015

Mga terminal at pagitan

"Ikaw ang bahala. Leche."

I was mad and I was ready to throw my phone, throw everything but I stayed calm, tried to focus. I'm gonna save this one. 

"Ang sinasabi ko ay kung ayaw mong makipag-usap ng personal, walang mangyayari sa atin. Ganito na lang? Text lang? Ganoon kadali lahat sa'yo?"

Blurred vision. I began to tremble. I held my phone so tight as if its going to break. I continued walking. These kinds of emotions has a way of making you feel thirsty and restless. I remembered how we argued over a lot of things and how we easily made up after those qualms.

I reached the bus terminal  but still I got no reply from him. The air was warm, different from the usual Baguio nights. People were busy. Buses were moving slowly. My eyes started to sore like madness while I looked at the crumbled piece of paper in my hands, a ticket to Pasay.

As I rest my head in the bus seat, I knew everything will never be the same again. Terminals are always lonely. You breathe in and out the last happiness before going to a journey of solitude.

“Pasay 11:15pm alis na!”   

I grabbed my earphones and listened to Dave Matthews. There will always be a space between us. ###


  1. Gusto ko yang song na yan.

    Whatever it is; If it's not worthy, if it's not making you happy, if it's not healthy then leave.

    Sabi nga sa kantang Yellow by Coldplay

    "Nobody said it was easy, I'm taking it back to the start"

    1. Mahirap lumisan pero tama, kailangan.

      Weyt, The Scientist yata ng Coldplay yung line? Hehe Yellow was a cold Baguio song for me 10 years ago. Omygad.

  2. Because I know how it feels to be so mad and not be able to do anything about it. Di ka makasigaw, di ka makapaghagis ng kahit ano, di mo maexpress.

    Meron ka lang eh mobile, and all you could do is sound so stern sa text.

    At capslock. Thank God for capslock.

    1. Capslock and separation details. Haha

    2. Natawa ako sa separation details pero totoo to! Hahahaha! Ang dami nating arteeee!

    3. Ganoon yata talaga. Hahaha

  3. I dunno but, somehow, your write-ups bring me solace. It's weirdly comforting...

  4. Bittersweet memories in terminals and airports 💔💔💔